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Happy December everyone! 
If you were asked to describe your relationship to the festive season, aka Christmas, how would you describe it?  Married & loving it or it’s complicated?  If you picked ‘it’s complicated’ this message is for you, if you picked married & loving it you can skip to the bottom and get shopping from our gift guide and signing up for our upcoming special offers and events : )  I fit un/comfortably in the ‘it’s complicated’ category.  My eyes roll and I cringe when I come across articles like one I just read titled ‘Tis a shorter season to be jolly’ where the writer was concerned that one week-end has been cut out of the festive party season because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year and she shared an anecdote about how one year she had eight parties to attend in one night, stating “if this happens you have to be very disciplined.  You can only spend ½ an hour to an hour at each event.”  That may seem over the top but unless you forego it completely there can be a lot of pressure at Christmas time.  The commercials and ‘story’ are about perfection, the perfect gift, the perfect turkey, the perfect place setting etc. etc. etc.  The trouble is that life isn’t perfect (not mine anyway, maybe not yours?) and setting the bar at perfection is a recipe for being dissatisfied, unhappy and not enjoying what is.  My best teacher for a peaceful Christmas was my ‘worst’ Christmas after my marriage broke down, with two teenagers,  barely putting one foot in front of the other to get through a day let alone creating a perfect Christmas experience.  Shit gets real in those raw moments that we all have.  Those moments offer the possibility of change and transformation, they are yogic opportunities for clarity.  The lens shifts and things look different.  How important are the six kinds of homemade goodies, the eight parties in one night, the perfect present for every person in your life, the right plates at mealtime (the list is endless)?  Is Christmas causing financial hardship, emotional stress, are you giving but hating it?  If you are in a complicated relationship with Christmas then change it.  What do you love at or about Christmas?  Do those things.  Or do you already do too much?  Then do less.  At the heart of our yoga practice (and the reason for the season - the Christian Christmas story) is ahimsa … peace…on our mat in the studio and on our ‘life’ mat in the world.   It’s a practice, not a perfect, and it is a great time to ask yourself, is my Christmas practice peaceful?  And if it’s not, and you’d like it to be, how can you make it so?   


OM Holidays 2016
Every year for a whole weekend in December we collect donations for charity. Invite your friends and family to join us in any class listed above from Dec 16-18 2016 for only a $5 minimum donation! This year we are donating to the Canadian Mental Health Association.


Yin Music Brock Dec 10


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GIVE & GET - Gift Card Promo
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12 Days of Christmas Pass
12 Classes - $180+tax ($15/class)
BONUS: Free Mat & Towel Service AND share the classes with your yoga buddy!
What is the Mat & Towel Service? Unlimited access to our rental mats and towels - and not your average mats/towels! In our collection of rental gear we include Manduka eKO Mats, Manduka Pro/Lite Mats and Yogitoes towels.
Details: The 12 Days of Christmas Pass is good for one year once activated. The Mat & Towel Service is active for the length of time the 12 Days of Christmas Pass is active. No other discounts can be applied to this special. Limited to one purchase of the 12 Days of Christmas Pass per person.



Don't know what to get the yogi in your life this holiday season? Check out some of these ideas!

1. Yoga mat & towel
2. Donate to their favourite charity
3. Mat bag or carrying strap
4. Mat Spray
5. Inner Fire Leggings
6. Ultima Replenisher
7. A book (see list below)
8. Spiritual Gangster Top
9. Yoga Buddy Pass - A Class Card you can share and come to class together
10. Give & Get - Gift Card Promotion

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Family Class!
Fam Class Collage
Saturday Dec. 17th 2016 at 12pm
Pain Care & Yoga

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Pain Care Workshop1

What's coming up for 2017?

- 30 & 60 Day Challenge (Starts January 7th)
- iRest Yoga Nidra Sessions with Yvette (8 week series)
- Abundant Bodies (new class series)
- Yoga Basics Workshop
- Family Wellness continues. Kids, Family, Teen and Prenatal yoga classes.

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Relax & Renew with live Gongs with Donna Buckley at Sahali Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm Learn More
Stress Resiliency with Hayley Petznick at Sahali Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Learn More


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Will WorkforYoga
At the studio we get many requests for book suggestions. A classic book that many of us teachers have is Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga by Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison. This isn’t a ‘how to’ posture book as many yoga books can be, this is a book that takes the reader through the Eight-Limb Path of Yoga set down by Patanjali between 500 and 200 B.C. Each day there is a quote and a written reflection on a yoga sutra (a Sanskrit word that means "string, thread". In Indian literary traditions, it means a condensed manual or text being studied).

On the topic of surrender/letting go – isvara-pranidhana – surrender to God, Gates&Kenison write “Whether or not you have a God or want a God is irrelevant. All of us have experienced moments of profound connectedness-the caress of a spring breeze on bare skin, the feeling in our chests when we look into another’s eyes with love, the holy awe of gazing at a star-strewn summer day. There is a greatness beneath the surface of everyday life, and every once in a while we catch a glimpse of it. Isvara-pranidhana is about making the experience of that greatness a priority.”
book 2The Heart of Practice: Understanding Yoga from Inside by Orit Sen-Gupta

This is my most favourite yoga book (and I have many). This little yoga book doesn’t outline postures, specific ways to breathe or anatomy. As the title says, this is the heart of practice. This book is an exploration of our internal yoga world. “In practice, we learn to pay attention to ourselves, to all sorts of subtle, minute movements in our body, in our breathing and in our consciousness. Our time on the mat holds no exclusivity to this attentiveness. The actual practices of listening can weave itself into the fabric of our whole life. If we don’t cling too strongly to the inside, we can listen in this same way to friends, to partners, to children, to our colleagues, to the grass. And from that moment on, practice on the mat becomes the micro-cosm of our whole day macro-practice.” Pg. 3. I don’t usually write in my books (it’s my thing lol) but this one is written in, pages turned over and has sticky notes in it. I love this book.

A Year in the Light by Bram Levinson

Review by Joy Demsey

A Year in the Light has held prime real estate a top of my bedside table, since it came out in January.  This book has more dog eared pages, paper clips and scrap paper markers than intention books I have had for years. Bram does an amazing job of integrating  his vast understanding of yoga philosophy and principles into daily aphorism that make sense in today’s world. There are 365 intentions.  You can take up his challenge and read one a day starting when ever you like.  I had a hard time sticking to just one, though it was a wonderful book to help ground our group on the Karma Yoga Experience to the Philippines (page 272 came in handy) .  We are very lucky to have Bram returning this October to do a workshop at KHY.  Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, pick up a copy of this book at our studio.  I bet you too will be hunting around your bedside for a scrap piece of paper to insert into this book of wisdom.

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