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Prenatal Classes - October Class Series with Kelsey Cobbe at Sahali Next held on Sun, Oct 22, 2017 at 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm
This enrollment runs from Sun Oct 1, 2017 - Sun Nov 5, 2017
Pregnancy is one of the greatest and most powerful transition a woman can go through, physically and mentally. In Yoga Philosophy, the term Tapasya means 'to endure intensity for the sake of transformation'. In this prenatal yoga class, we will practice the foundations of yoga- breathe, postures and meditation- as tools to manage the intensity of pregnancy, birth, the early post-partum days and beyond into motherhood. This room temperature class will introduce mindful living for the modern mother and is perfect for beginners or experienced yogis. We will offer Mothers a chance to move, be still, tune in to the self, get familiar with self-care and connect within community, all vital parts of life.
October class series: Oct 1st, 15th, 22nd, and Nov 5th (No class Oct. 8th or 29th)
-$56.00 + tax for the class series (4 classes - $14/class).
-Drop-in after the series starts or if you are over 38 weeks pregnant - $20/class (+tax) $18/class for student *Drop-in available if there is still space in class.
About the teacher:
:I have been teaching yoga since 2013 and turned to teaching prenatal classes when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2016. When I got pregnant, I had to modify my yoga practice and my life very suddenly. I was in a very fast paced, full schedule which all came to a halt as I was extremely sick with morning sickness and hormone related migraines my whole pregnancy. Yoga allowed me the space to slow down and really tune in to my body, my baby, and clear out the extra noise of life. I use the tools of yoga daily, especially during the most difficult moments when navigating through motherhood. I feel honored to share some of those practices with new mothers as they embark on their own unique journey.
See you on the mat,
Kelsey Cobbe"
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This non-heated class series provides an opportunity to deepen your relationship with your body and baby through yoga postures, breath, vocal toning and meditation - all in a supportive environment. Reduce stress and discomfort in pregnancy, have an easier more satisfying birthing experience with healthier outcomes and discover tools that support you during your transformation into parenthood. No previous yoga experience required. Mats will be provided if needed.
Pre-register class series (4 classes) - $56+tax
Drop-in: $20 (regular or $18 (student)   *plus taxes
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